Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bad News Day for ASU

The Standard Times played a critical role in egging Angelo State University with two stories.  The paper picked up an Associated Press piece on Dr. James Limbaugh's leaving as ASU's Vice President of Strategy, Planning, & Policy. 

Dr. Limbaugh, by far the longest tenured ASU VP with almost four years' experience , will become Chancellor at Montana State-Northern. Limbaugh's new job might wash away the bad taste from having ASU's strategic plan blow up from state budget cuts.

The paper's second story, highlighting Navajo Code Talker Samuel Tso, drove nearly a thousand people to ASU's CJ Davidson Center.  Rick Smith's outstanding piece had the public expecting to hear World War II stories.  Instead Tso eviscerated the government that lied, cheated and stole from his people, one that repeatedly failed to honor its promises.  That same government funds the Center for Security Studies at ASU, and provides grant money to Multicultural Studies.

Intentional or unintentional, eggs splattered on ASU, courtesy of the Standard Times.


Anonymous said...

Limbaugh may have been there the longest, but he was poison.

Anonymous said...

And Rallo is not poison? I am sorry but poison oozes out of that short guy. I am not saying Limbaugh was wonderful but I am stating that Rallo is worse and we still have to deal with him. I enjoy this blog because it always tells the truth in what is really going on at ASU.

Anonymous said...

If a person would like to share some information with the blog author - how would he/she go about this?

PEU Report/State of the Division said...

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