Friday, August 12, 2011

Calling Rick Perry

Two things are clear regarding Texas Governor Rick Perry.  First, the 2011 Texas Legislative session seemed orchestrated to give Perry his conservative bonafides for a Presidential run.  Second, consultants wrapped him in the Savior's cloth, turning his campaign into a calling.

Many a scallywag has been called to heroic tasks.  The call wipes out past transgressions, such as Perry being a Democrat at one point in his political career.  Does it wipe out Perry's bearing false witness on his Texas Enterprise Fund claims that Vought Aircraft Industries employed over 29,000 people in Texas, when the company's website said it had 3,315.  

Perry is courting establishment Republicans, economic conservatives and business leaders.
Will economic conservatives count Vought's jobs without a 26,000 person margin of error?  How many business leaders would love a share of President Perry's largess, given the U.S. budget dwarfs that of Texas?

Will the Red Team hero stick to his job creation lies regarding Vought?  Will he beg forgiveness for bearing false witness?  Will he make public the changes to the Texas Enterprise Fund deal, renegotiated during The Carlyle Group's selling of Vought to Triumph?  Does a calling really wipe out malfeasance in a current core competency?

Nevertheless, Mitt Romney has a challenger. Perry vs. Romney, it'll be quite a race, the Boring Mormon vs. Gov. Rickly Pear.  Who can pander to America's billionaires better?  Given those billionaires own the media, don't expect a challenge to Perry's job numbers, however absurd they seem on their face.

Update 8-15-11:  The Daily Beast ran a story on Perry's savior status within the Dominionism movement. An ex-staffer and Perry consultant served as event coordinator for Perry's revival meeting, The Response.

Update 8-16-11:  Rick Perry said he is "pro-business" and called jobs created by Obama's stimulus plans "a joke."  Perry's Vought claims fall into the same joke category.  Only a lucky SOB could get away with Perry's record.

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