Sunday, September 12, 2010

Obama Slashes Uninsured

President Obama stated 30 to 31 million Americans have no health insurance in his press conference. This is two thirds of the latest Census estimates, roughly 47 million.

The 2008 increase in the number of uninsured was solely attributable to the decline in employment-based coverage. How much further did employer coverage free fall in the last year?

Obama's comments came a week before new Census figures on the uninsured will be released. They'll need to bridge the gap between 2008 Census numbers and Congressional Budget Office projections for health reform. The employer coverage numbers show:

Census 2008--176 million
CBO 2010--150 million

That's a 26 million American implosion. Not surprisingly, the report is expected to show a sharp rise in the uninsured population in 2009. America's health reformer in Chief publicly minimized the problem.

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