Thursday, December 10, 2009

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Advocates for War

The world has gone flippy floppy when Barack Obama, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, highlights advantages of a "just war" in his acceptance speech. His second in command in Afghanistan noted an attack may have killed noncombatants, i.e. innocent bystanders. I wonder if they found it "just," being eviscerated by the world's most high tech army.

As for just peace, President Obama provided rhetoric for his big money backers.

"just peace" includes not only civil and political rights but also encompasses economic security and opportunity. "For true peace is not just freedom from fear," he said, "but freedom from want."
Does President Obama know war causes want? It destroys infrastructure, making clean water, sewer and electricity scarce. It disrupts medical care as supplies and pharmaceuticals are hard to deliver. War creates blight and scarcity.

Who uses the U.S. military to oust foreign leaders not playing by Western business rules? It's American branded multinational corporations, the Government-Industrial Monstrosity (GIM). Eisenhower's Military-Industrial Complex morphed into the GIM after a decade of steroids, nearly $14 trillion worth. That's for whom Obama speaks.

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