Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Turn Patriot Act on GIM

Congress debated provisions of the Patriot Act. If the public was being served, it would closely monitor America's Government-Industrial Monstrosity (GIM), Eisenhower's Military Industrial Complex, now Incredible Hulk like from a wicked steroid habit. It's green because that's the color of money.

An article stated one Patriotic requirement:

That businesses produce "any tangible things" at the FBI's request.
Has the FBI asked Tenet Health or LifeCare Hospitals why their combined 35 patient deaths after Hurricane Katrina warranted not one mention in George W. Bush's Lessons Learned Report? The Carlyle Group, infamous for its insider political connections, purchased LifeCare weeks before landfall.

Did the FBI ask Tenet for information on their White House lobbying regarding "corporate governance changes?" A year after the report's release, Red Jeb Bush was named to the Tenet board of directors. He joins the Blue team's Bob Kerrey.

The omitter, Frances Fragos Townsend, now runs Baker Botts corporate risk management consulting division. Fran did a bang us job managing the Carlyle Group's and Tenet's risk post Katrina. It helps to enter wrongful death lawsuits with the feds silent on the matter.

Neither Fran Townsend or Bush Chief of Staff Andy Card would share their Katrina e-mails. Were any to Carlyle Group bigwigs? Andy landed a spot on the Union Pacific board after his government service. Sharing a seat is Mac McLarty, a Carlyle Senior Adviser and ex-Clinton Chief of Staff.

It seems Chiefs do quite well after departing 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Ken Duberstein, Reagan's ex-Chief of Staff, made millions off his board service at Fannie Mae. His consulting firm kept the regulatory wolves at bay from 2001-2007. Obama's Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel has ties to Carlyle's purchase of LifeCare. Was the Illinois Representative asked to keep things on the down low by his investment banking mentor? The GIM is truly bipartisan.

My questions to the FBI are three and a half years old. GIM is remarkably insular and resistant to inquiry. There is nothing open or transparent about it.

"The system's ability to communicate useful information in a credible manner has been poor." Frances Townsend

That sounds like a badly needed Lessons Learned Report confession. Politics in, garbage out.

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