Saturday, February 28, 2009

RNC Protesters vs. CPAC Inciters

Two groups call for revolution. One has their e-mail monitored, while police plants infiltrate their membership. The other is promoted by the media, while politicians clamor for the microphone to offer incendiary comments.

It's the Republican National Convention protesters vs. the Conservative Political Action Conference talking heads. Choose your form of revolution and you get radically different social responses.

RNC agitators found themselves surrounded by police in riot gear, contained for hours, and beaten with canes. CPAC wingnuts ate cake, while they awaited their turn on cable news channels. Rush Limbaugh's closing speech will be shown live on CNN. What kind of revolution will Rush inspire for Generation Rx'ers?

America is absolutely bizarre. Political leaders purposefully fracture our country. The question is how many pay attention to our Washington putzes. Politics and investment are junk at the moment. Poor quality sent both into the gutter. Both want hair of the dog medicine to get out. That means ugly flopping by Joe the Plumbob, Newt, and Rush. I can't watch anymore, our leadership is abysmal. Ironically, two groups in the best position to watch citizens, AT&T and Google, sponsored the revolution fest.

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