Friday, May 16, 2008

Bush Bangs FootJoy at Knesset

President Bush's speech at the Israeli Knesset came with at least two exclamation points. Rather than pound the podium with his fist or finger, George W. wanted to emphasize his sacrifice for the war on terror. Thus, he pounded his closet bound, Ostrich skin custom FootJoy golf shoe. He stopped swinging the club a month or two after hearing a UN official was killed in a Baghdad bombing.

But his second point centered on how Democratic "appeasers" would enable the modern day Iranian Hitler to rise again. Bush completely missed Hitler's merging of business and government power to both trick, control and manipulate the masses. And he denied his own family history of corporate support for Adolf and his enablers.

While the sharp echo reverberated in the Knesset chambers and around the world, it hid the sound of ink pens signing on the dotted line. In an unparalleled merger the infamous politically connected Carlyle Group plans to buy the government services division of Booz, Allen & Hamilton, a huge consulting and intelligence provider for the feds. While Bush points the fingers at verbal "appeasers", he stands cheering as coach for the government industrial monstrosity, otherwise known as creeping American fascism. (Disclaimer: Obviously, President Bush didn't bang a FootJoy on the podium, but I bet he wished he did!)

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