Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Reactions to Creation of Human Animal Embryos

British scientists announced they'd created embryos containing human and animal material. Consider the possible reactions from God:

"I specifically said dominion, not creation. Son of a bitch, did they not hear me? Where's my smiting tool? Should I dial up an earthquake, throw in a tsunami, or unleash a super volcano?"

"Haven't they screwed things up enough?"

"That chaps my ass. Dang it, my asteroids are acting up again! Where did I put that tube of Freedhem?"

"It looks like my image will be changing soon."

A research team at Newcastle University announced it had successfully generated “admixed embryos” by adding human DNA to empty cow eggs. Their creation is allowed under a licence from the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA). The British scientists had a range of reactions at their discovery:

"It's alive!!!!!!"

"I want a human that can lick his own balls."

"How can I get nine lives?"

"If we build it, they will come. But can they reproduce?"

In Greek mythology, Centaurs (pictured above) came to represent the dark, unruly forces of nature. They were mostly pictured as drunk, rowdy followers of Dionysus. Strange days indeed, my furry, four legged, intoxicated human friends...

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