Saturday, January 26, 2008

Fran Surfaces on FOX to Repair Bush Legacy

Ever since her retirement Fran Townsend has been very, very quiet. That changes tomorrow evening at 8:00 pm. The woman (who thinks George W. elevates his age) will be on a FOX News special.

Bush realism takes on new forms as it resets long unachieved goals and rewrites history, long after the fact. Fran will speak about the hunt for Usama bin Laden in FOX's program, Fighting to the Finish. The story had this to say:

"Former Homeland Security Advisor Fran Townsend told me that the president has made abundantly clear that he wants Usama Bin Laden killed or captured before he leaves office … and describes, in detail, the president’s daily brief in the Oval Office.

“Once a week he's — he's getting an update on the hunt for Bin Laden and the Al Qaeda leadership,” Townsend, who left her position at the beginning of January, told me. “The president has made perfectly clear that he wants Bin Laden brought to justice before he leaves office.”

The reporter also noted, President Bush conceded to me that he failed in his goal to be a “uniter and not a divider.” The president told me, “I'd say that I worked to be a uniter and it didn't work.”

Wow, what if George W. truly wanted to be a uniter and it didn't work? That means he became a divider, which means he failed in his original quest. That is, if he really meant it. What data reflects on his ability to cooperate on behalf of the people?

After Hurricane Katrina, White House spokesman Trent Duffy promised the White House investigation will be "robust," and said there will also be a congressional probe. Congress wanted to see White House communications regarding its Katrina response. Their excuse for not providing such information, "providing the documents was impractical because it would require reviewing more than 71 million e-mail messages." So Congress requested just those between Homeland Security Adviser Frances Townsend and Chief of Staff Andy Card. The White House rejected that, suggesting it would "impinge on the separation of powers of the legislative and executive branches." Divider

The number of people without health insurance grew by 7 million people on Bush's watch. A proposed expansion of coverage for children was met with falsehoods from the White House. Bush barked out kids in families making $83,000 would get coverage. Not true according to Senators Orrin Hatch and Chuck Grassley. Divider

But George W. has more skills than division. He's also a rewriter. Consider this comment from a Wall Street Journal veteran, “I've been edited by Bob Bartley [of the Wall Street Journal] and Bill Buckley [of National Review] and the president is by far the most thorough and sharp editor.” Rewriter

Did you know that Bush can turn any defeat into victory, even long after the fact? The intelligence report on Iran's suspension of its nuclear weapons program in 2003 has morphed into a great outcome of America's invasion of Iraq. Condi Rice is offering this nugget five years after the invasion where the Iraqi people greeted us with flowers.

Knowledge is prediction. It's speculation to say, after this, therefore because of this. Show me a leader who knows enough to make good predictions and I will follow him or her. Bush's record of sorry predictions is clear. His effort to paint them over adds simply weight to their already wobbly legs.

Here's my prediction. Israel will attack Iran's nuclear enrichment facilities in the near future. The United States will stand strong to contain any blowback fueled by Iran's retaliatory impulse. Bush is re-assembling the team that took us into Iraq. Israel has a satellite that can look into Iran whatever the weather. The chess pieces are moving on the wobbly Bush cardtable. Will the battle on the board commence before the whole table crashes? Time will tell.

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