Saturday, November 22, 2014

RailPort Won't Compete with Texas Pacifico

San Angelo Chamber of Commerce Vice President Michael Looney reported on the City's efforts to recruit a national railport company to the area.  Looney recognized City Councilwoman Elizabeth Grindstaff for steering the Chamber to two suitable tracts of land.  Looney shared the railport operator does not want to be a short hauler, but wishes to operate a switching station with alot of tenants on the ground (a giant one at that).  They would not want to move in on any of Texas Pacifico's territory. 

Looney went out of his way to say the prospective railport would not compete with City Councilwoman Grindstaff's employer.  I found this interesting in light of the discussion the next day at the Development Corporation Board meeting.  They discussed conflicts of interest and how it would be inappropriate for a Board member to keep out competition for a venture in which they had an interest.  

To date there have been no packages presented or votes taken.  As this project moves forward it will be interesting to see if the city funds or subsidizes the railport in any way.  Should that occur citizens deserve information to ensure things are proceeding on an ethical track.

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