Friday, November 28, 2014

Frac Sand Train Derailed Five Days Before Pfluger Hearing

San Angelo Live reported:

A train pulling 100 cars of frac sand derailed at 1 a.m. this morning near Ballinger. According to Texas-Pacifico spokeswoman Elizabeth Grindstaff, the train was destined for Big Lake when it derailed near milepost 20 east of Talpa.  The event resulted in the damage of 15 of the 100 cars loaded with frac sand.

The accident occurred five days before the City of San Angelo's Zoning Board of Adjustments will take up a challenge to the automatic approval of Lee Pfluger's sand offloading facility.  Petitioners Jesse Martinez, Mark Thieman, Dennis Grafa, Chris Cornell and Winkie Wardlaw assert Planning Director Patrick Howard erred in deciding that a silica frac sand operation is permitted in a Light Manufacturing Zoning District.

Texas Pacifico is in the midst of replacing track throughout San Angelo, installing heavier rail to handle higher volumes of oil field products.

How might a recent frac sand derailment impact the Zoning Board's deliberations?   After City Councilwoman and Texas Pacifico spokeswoman Elizabeth Grindstaff refused to answer "operations" questions, City Council had to rely on a retired railroad worker to challenge regarding Lee Pfluger's representations.  Let's hope Texas Pacifico has the right person in attendance this time to answer questions

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