Sunday, November 23, 2014

City to Consider Endorsement

San Angelo City Council discussed an insurance product for water and sewer lines.  Council reconsidered endorsing the product for purchase by area citizens, having done so in 2012 with no action taken.  City Councilwoman Elizabeth Grindstaff asked that the item return to council's agenda.  She supports service line warranty products on the belief pricing could be more affordable for citizens.

Mayor Morrison opposed the concept, citing citizen's freedom to buy such products now and saying it's inappropriate for Council to endorse banks, car dealerships, grocery stores, and realtors.  Citizen Jim Turner said "I don't think the city should be giving an exclusive endorsement to any business doing any service like this any more than they should be giving an exclusive endorsement to Stripes or Allsup's as a convenience store"

Six of the seven council members wanted to learn more about such products, including how much revenue could become available to the city and how the city can support low income citizens with water or sewer line breaks who don't buy the insurance product.  The role of the city may change fundamentally should it choose to lend its name to various product or service offerings.

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