Saturday, November 08, 2014

Green's Grocery a New Venture

Green's Grocery's opening is the talk of the town.  The opening shifted from Spring to August to November, but the public jumped at the chance to check out the new store, cafe, coffee and dessert bar.  Three articles in San Angelo Live left the entrepreneurs behind the venture a mystery. Even the company's website had nothing to offer on the parties behind the venture.

Thank heaven for San Angelo's Chamber of Commerce.  Their May newsletter identified the local investors.

Some citizens may recall San Angelo Mayor Alvin New and Development Corporation Board member Randy Brooks as investors in MedHab, which received a $3.6 million economic development grant from the city.  That deal left a bad taste in many people's mouth.  Fortunately, this can be removed by ingesting fresh fruits and vegetables from Green's Grocery.  Bon appetit!

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