Friday, July 18, 2014

MedHab's Promise: Twenty Eight Jobs Short

Flashback to January 2012 when San Angelo's City Council voted to approve a $3.6 million incentive package for MedHab, a medical device maker.  The incentive was to ensure San Angelo served as MedHab's production site.

San Angelo Live ran the latest update:

MedHab CEO Johnny Ross said the main components for the product are currently manufactured in South Dakota and Rhode Island, but hopes to move some of those operations to San Angelo at some point in the future.

January 2012 had MedHab raring to go.

Donna Osborne, the city's economic development coordinator, said if it takes the deal, the company plans to start operations in San Angelo in March, creating 11 jobs in the first year and 23 the following year.
Actual performance has been more sparse, according to Ross.

So far we have created six jobs here in San Angelo.

That's 28 short from a man who advised ASU students "Don't miss your milestones."  A city official said at the January 3, 2012 meeting.  "We are confident they will hit their job creation goal." It's not even close.

FDA approval repeatedly lay just around the corner for MedHab.  It started as "later in 2012" before leaking to numerous future dates.   

San Angelo Live reported its current status:

Ross said FDA approval would open the door to sales of the product in doctor’s offices and hospitals worldwide, and he hopes to have a green-light for StepRite to launch in January of next year (2015).

San Angelo Live fulfilled a Development Corporation request for what's going on with MedHab.   This saves face for the parties involved as initial promises vs. actual performance don't need to be discussed.

Update 8-10-14:  Angelo State published a paper with MedHab that clarifies a number of MedHab's relationships.  

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