Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Citizens Speak to City Council's Hand on Trash Situation

Councilwoman Charlotte Farmer asked where were you a year ago?  I smelled something afoot and asked questions in August 2013.

I've written plenty on this topic during this period.  Many members of the public have made their wishes known.  Council finished an obviously tainted process in the face of citizens speaking out.

Ironically, more people participated in the poll and two petitions (1,097) than voted in the SMD #1 City Council race just months ago (1,073).    

The franchisor re-upped with a franchisee that ripped off thousands of commercial customers over a decade.  City staff ran a non-documented investigation to cover for a bid process that favored the incumbent from the get go.

It leads me to believe the only answers the public may get over time will be discovery from the looming court case. 

Citizens spoke broadly, loudly and clearly.  They may need to repeat themselves come election time.

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