Friday, July 18, 2014

Councilman Self's Stinging Defense of Johnny Silvas

One year ago City Councilman Marty Self became the focus of an ethics concern due to a local blogger, Christian Reporter News.  As a result of this experience Self felt the need to challenge a San Angelo Live story which raised concerns about fellow Councilman Johnny Silvas' playing golf with a Republic leader in close proximity to the trash/landfill decision.

Self portrayed the golf outing as a one time event where Silvas showed community leadership by attending a nonprofit fundraiser. 

Would Marty have spoken so eloquently in Silvas' defense if he knew Johnny repeatedly played golf with Republic representatives, both in town and around the state?

Councilman Silvas would have no legal-ethical concerns if he reported any golf outings and associated expenses paid for by Republic.

§ 36.10. Non-Applicable
Section 36.08 (Gift to Public Servant) does not apply to food, lodging, transportation, or entertainment accepted as a guest and, if the donee is required by law to report those items, reported by the donee in accordance with that law. 
I'll venture that no public record exists of Councilman Silvas' Republic golf outings and associated gifts.

Several council members voiced strong support for Silvas and outrage for anyone who'd run such a story.  Yet, Johnny never spoke.  He didn't say who paid for that golf outing, much less the many others Silvas has enjoyed from Republic.

Citizens can look at one golf outing and accept Johnny's silence as innocence.  Others can ask why council offered up nothing but indignation.  The facts, as it stands now, are mostly missing.  That's not unusual in San Angelo's 2014 Trash Saga.

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