Saturday, July 05, 2014

Backfilling Missing MedHab Update

San Angelo Development Corporation President Scott Tankersley asked for an update on MedHab LLC in the May board meeting.  A number of board members also expressed curiosity as to what MedHab was up to. 

As this item did not make the June Development Corporation meeting, I'll offer what I found via internet research.

LinkedIn shows 4 MedHab employees
Gust lists 6 MedHab employees
MedHab's website remains under construction
Work in Texas shows MedHab recruiting production workers for its San Angelo site

MedHab takes advantage of free rent, but is yet to file for any other economic incentives in their $3.6 million package from the City of San Angelo.  Hopefully, a more comprehensive update can be shared with the COSADC board and the general public in the near future. 

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