Monday, May 21, 2012

TTU Regents' Agenda: ASU Program Deletions

On the consent agenda last Friday:

Dr. Rallo's achievements during his tenure as ASU President need amendment.

Angelo State now offers about 50 degrees, 10 more than before the realignment, Rallo said.

If the TTU Board of Regents approved the consent agenda, ASU's medical technologist program will be gone, as will its Masters in Nursing - Clinical Specialist. and the Masters of Public Administration.  I thought ASU's Health Programs were "of distinction" and the Graduate School a huge factor in ASU's growth.

The following information exaggerated ASU's success by roughly 1,000 students.  

Since the merger became official Sept. 1, 2007, student enrollment has grown from 7,083 to about 8,000, a 13-percent increase.

Why the proposed moves?  What did the Board of Regents decide and when will ASU faculty find out?  Will it be in the newspaper like Dr. Rallo's promotion?

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