Sunday, May 20, 2012

Did Carr Save Tech's LTIF Pool?

After researching the movement of Angelo State University Carr Trust funds into Texas Tech's Long Term Investment Fund (LTIF), a thought struck me.  Was Carr cash a timely capital injection for Tech's LTIF during the Fall 2008 Financial Crisis?

The Texas Tech Foundation offered in its 2009 Annual Financial Report:

The majority of Texas Tech University System assets are invested in two investment pools; the Long Term Investment Fund (LTIF) and the Short/Intermediate Term Investment Fund (STIF).  Endowment funds and certain eligible long-term institutional funds are invested in the LTIF, which invests in equity and fixed income securities and is operated using total return philosophy.

The LTIF has experienced varying performance since its inception.

The Robert G. and Nona K. Carr Foundation was established for the benefit of Angelo State University. The Foundation is included in the Texas Tech University System financial statements as a blended component unit.
As there are no public documents showing the LTIF's performance during the meltdown, hints must be found elsewhere, i.e. in the foundations the LTIF serves..

The Texas Tech Foundation experienced a $42.9 million loss in 2008.  Angelo State's Carr Foundation lost a mere $2.9 million when it sold securities with a cost basis of $34 million for $31 million. 

Carr invested $39 million in Tech's LTIF in 2007.  That grew to $71 million in 2008.  The question is when Carr's additional $32 million hit Tech's LTIF?  If it came in the midst of the financial meltdown, Carr's cash could've been a stabilizer for an investment pool holding derivatives and mortgage backed security obligations. 

Depending on the directional bets, such a portfolio could've faced a deluge of capital calls.  Below is the foundation's international currency exposure. 

Did Carr money help Tech's risky investment pool during the financial crisis?  That'd make a good business school case. 

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this! Hance has taken soooo much credit for fundraising the past couple of years. I didn't realize it was from ASU's Carr money transfer. He is such a manipulating egomaniac. Rallo will fit right in...