Saturday, May 05, 2012

Texas Tribune & ASU Salary Database

The Texas Tribune hosts a government agency salary database.  One area citizen queried when the Tribune might add Angelo State University salaries to their online database.  This inquiry began in February.
The February time frame is interesting as that's when Texas Tech was due to update their annual salary information.

Gypsy followed up in late April.

There's been no reply to her May 1 inquiry.  Interestingly, while Texas Tech has the oldest university data set with the Tribune, Texas State University System's is the freshest.

ASU left the Texas State University System as Dr. Joe Rallo became President.  Representative Drew Darby orchestrated the move back in 2007.  Interestingly, the Texas Tribune recently hosted a "Hot Seat" Forum at ASU with Drew Darby and Senator Robert Duncan. 

With the "Hot Seat" over, maybe the Tribune can get TTU to update their salary information and get Angelo State's added.  Until then, citizens will rely on The Standard Times data set.  It's due for an update next month.

I, for one, appreciate San Angelo's interested citizens' brigade.  Keep asking the questions, even when answers are few and far between.

Update 10-20-12:  Texas Tribune updated Angelo State's salary information.  Their updated database lists 736 names/salaries.  ASU's website lists 1,635 employees.  Texas Tribune's database is 899 people short.

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