Saturday, September 01, 2012

MedHab-ulous San Angelo!

MedHab's had a logo a year since 2010:

MedHab CEO Johnny Ross markets himself as a rainmaker.  The City needs a rainmaker, the kind that produces green on the land:

One MedHab Angel investor is San Angelo City Manager Alvin New, an elected official.  Johnny Ross inked a $3.6 million economic development agreement with the City of San Angelo.  Ross failed to disclose this relationship in his thank you letter to San Angelo citizens.

Johnny Ross bragged of MedHab getting a StepRite patent in summer 2011. I could find no sign of it on the U.S. Patent Office web site (but a commenter did):

City leaders voted to enrich MedHab and its equity investors in return for jobs. It remains to be seen how good a deal this is for citizens. It could be very lucrative for Johnny Ross and Mayor New. They may well be rainmakers, just not the right kind.

Update:  Thanks to the commenter who supplied the link to Janice and Johnny Ross' patent.  Somehow the link changed.

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Anonymous said...

Although I do believe that a conflict of interest exists and an evacuation of any morals and ethics left in the rules governing that conflict makes everything clean in their eyes, the patents do exist and here is a link.
If the device works as expected, it may or may not be beneficial depending upon the path before the end game. Does the end justify the means?