Tuesday, September 18, 2012

City Finds $645,000 in Health Insurance Money

What a difference two weeks made.  On September 4th City Council approved a budget amendment that equally offset health insurance revenue and expense declines of roughly $1.1 million each.  This effectively maintained a projected increase of $2,292 in the health insurance fund balance for the current fiscal year.

I projected an excess of $1 million, which I later adjusted to $500,000 based on a second look at draft budget numbers.  My projected range is pictured above (black numbers)

City staff shared a number today that pegs the excess at $645,000.  Added to the prior balance of $915,000 and the fund balance topped out at $1.56 million (red number pictured above).

The ending balance for the self-insurance fund was $1,560,857 according to presentation materials from Human Resources Director Lisa Marley.
After asking numerous times for health insurance budget updates, the information came fast and furious.  Most arrived at the close of the budget approval cycle via City Council presentations.  At least the information came.

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