Saturday, September 15, 2012

ASU's Nothing Doing

The Standard Times editorial team stated:
Upon his arrival five years ago as ASU was integrating into the Texas Tech system, Dr. JosephRallo identified four key areas needing emphasis — retention, recruitment, residency and reputation.

ASU's Rampage offered:
According to the SACS website, institutions provide two documents as part of the reaffirmation process: the Compliance Certification and the QEP.

The Compliance Certification, which should be submitted about 15 months before reaffirmation, is a document that demonstrates the level of compliance with core requirements, comprehensive standards and federal requirements.
Dr. Rallo called it like he saw it.
SACS wrote up ASU in 2002 for not having learning outcomes, President Joseph C. Rallo said.  "They gave us years to fix that, and we did nothing," Rallo said.

January 2012's Faculty Senate minutes produced the following:
Department Head evaluations have not been done in the last two years. 

It's a different form of nothing. The question is its impact on accreditation.

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Angelo Native said...

I guess at ASU there are levels of doing nothing - Dr. Rallo has not done anything about retaining and recruiting - other than adding more "suits" (i.e. a new dean of a freshman college) to the administrative team.