Tuesday, March 22, 2011

SAISD to Contribute to San Angelo's Uninsureds

San Angelo Independent School District cut 30 positions in this year's budget and plans to drop 45 more.  That's 75 positions that once provided health insurance.  In addition, SAISD employees will have to contribute more to the district's self-funded health insurance program. 

The City of San Angelo sent 192 people onto the rolls of the uninsured with their premium changes.  How many SAISD employees will drop individual or family coverage as a result of premium increases or eliminated positions?  It remains to be seen.

San Angelo's City Council added another burden to employees and dependents who dropped health coverage due to inaffordability.  They increased the deposit to be seen at the Employee Health Clinic from $10 to $65.  Nearly 200 more uninsured employees and dependents will have to pony up $55 more per visit for primary care. 

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