Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Legislative Budget Cuts Loom for Concho Valley

Texas legislators consider deep cuts to health and public education.  The one-two $230 million punch could create more hardship for Concho Valley communities.  This analysis includes Runnels County, which is served by Shannon Medical Center and San Angelo Community Medical Center.  The county breakdown follows, starting with those with cuts between $7 million and $3 million:.

Counties with cuts less than $2.5 million include:

Tom Green County will take the biggest hit, a combined $192 million:

This does not include budget cuts to Angelo State University or Howard College.  Nor does it cover potential Upper Payment Limit Program cuts to area hospitals.  As state funded positions are eliminated, how many people will lose health insurance coverage, potentially qualifying for slashed Medicaid?  As cuts feedback on each other, pain will spread.  That's predictable.

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