Thursday, May 06, 2010

Frances Townsend Floated as Possible FBI Chief?

The White House is quietly exploring candidates to replace FBI Chief Robert Mueller. His ten year term expires in 2011. Main Justice has a list of potential replacements. It includes Patrick Fitzgerald, James Comey and Frances Townsend.

Fitzgerald prosecuted Scooter Libby. James Comey took a principled stand against Bush's domestic spying program. Frances Townsend crafted a white wash on the federal response to Hurricane Katrina. Her abysmal Lessons Learned report omitted the hospital with the highest patient death toll, Memorial Medical Center, and was silent on evacuation priority. Townsend's abysmal report should be the target of an FBI investigation, as Jeb Bush landed a high paying slot on the board of Tenet Healthcare, Memorial Medical Center's owner.

The FBI is capable of launching investigations. Do they have one on their potential new boss?

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