Saturday, May 08, 2010

BP's PlunderDome Fails due to Methane Crystals

The Coast Guard reported tar balls washed up on Alabama's Dauphin Island. An AP article addressed BP's effort to contain the spill at the leak via a Plunderdome. It stated:

A BP PLC official is saying icelike crystals formed inside of an oil containment box when it was placed over a massive oil leak and that crews have had to move the contraption away to study the problem.

Chief operating officer Doug Suttles said Saturday that he is not saying that the box has failed. But he did say what they tried Friday night did not work.

Suttles says the buildup on the specially constructed box made it too buoyant and clogged it up and they've set it to the side to study the problem.

Buoyancy was an issue with the well belching gas and gas condensate. Unfortunately, months of volcano-like gushing oil may be in the works.

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