Sunday, April 25, 2010

Last Shot Oils Obama

President Obama netted two of three "events" in pushing his public policy. The first swish came from health insurers raising premiums by exorbitant amounts. This resumed health reform, widely thought to be on life support.

The second "bank shot" came from the SEC's civil fraud case against Goldman Sachs. This fed the administration's weak kneed, financial reform effort.

The clanger came from a Gulf of Mexico explosion, eventually sinking a deep water drilling platform. It caused a severe oil spill, now 400 square miles in area. Inclement weather is hampering the cleanup and pushing the spill toward Louisiana and Mississippi.

Despite the accident and growing spill, President Obama will not halt his push for drilling off the East Coast and Florida's Gulf Coast. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said "accidents happen." Gibbs is known for his oiliness. President Obama continues swimming in dirty water.

Update: Submersible robots will try to activate the leaking well's blowout preventer. Why wasn't it activated? The spill is now 1,800 square miles.

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