Friday, May 22, 2015

Fleming Experiences City Blob

City Councilman Rodney Fleming expressed his frustration on the lack of movement on his request to study curb cut water harvesting,originally made in March 2014.  An update occurred in December 2014 by City Engineer Karl Bednarz.  Bednarz left city employment in April 2015.  San Angelo Live reported Fleming's reaction to the latest presentation on the topic:

“This is before you, so I’m not getting on to you, but not a single thing has been done on this in the last 18 months. I’m furious. This is unbelievable,” Fleming said red faced. “You just gave me a list of things that need to be done and it’s everything. It’s unbelievable. I’ve been told every three or four months this is getting worked on and there has been nothing done on this thing. Again not your fault, but this thing better get done. We need to have this in place just because we got a ton of rain last night doesn’t matter, people need to be looking towards the future and this is a viable option for residence in our city to use this. I am blown away that nothing was done in 18 months. I’ve been in this position for 18 months and I’ve been told that this is being worked on and not a single thing was done.” 
That sums up the history of San Angelo's water leadership under Will Wilde and Ricky Dickson.  City Councilman Kendall Hirschfeld repeatedly asked the same pair to draft an incentive program for citizens to conserve water.  Such programs are common in other Texas communities.  Hirschfeld had his first Water Advisory Board meeting and faces fulfilling his long time request in his new role.

City staff ignored requests that allow citizens more power in the water equation. Wilde and Dickson protected water revenues at every turn, primarily through non-listening and inaction.  Councilman Fleming is the latest to experience this pattern.

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