Sunday, July 21, 2013

Councilwoman Farmer: Carollo Support Corroded?

Councilwoman Charlotte Farmer shared deep concerns on elements of the HIckory Project.  With the pipeline portion of the project nearing completion, Mrs. Farmer turned the unrest around Carollo Engineering into a duet.  Farmer is concerned about Hickory project costs and delays and requested a comprehensive presentation several meetings ago

History reveals Charlotte voted in May 2008 to pursue Hickory Aquifer water, seconded the motion engaging Carollo on the Hickory project, was in attendance four years ago when Council received an update, voted for Carollo's doing the design work, seconded the project financing motion, seconded the third amendment to the Carollo agreement, voted for ion exchange removal and approved well field expansion work for Carollo.  

Minutes and press releases indicate projected dates for actual water delivery, which leaked from March 2013 to July to August.

Mrs. Farmer's request for an update on "what you told us" and "how you did on those commitments" remains unfilled.   This frustration likely spilled over into the Engineering arena, where there was evidence for concern from the beginning.

As an elected official Charlotte Farmer heard Water Chief Will Wilde present Carollo to City Council.  This was September 2008.

Water Utilities Director Will Wilde clarified and explained the scope of work and the Water Advisory Board’s recommendation of Carrollo Engineering. He noted according to state law, the selection of a contractor is done based upon qualification as opposed to cost.
The Water Advisory Board's recommendation came from Wilde and city staff.  The September 9, 2008 Water Advisory Board minutes state:

Will Wilde began by informing the board that we had received six responses to the request for qualifications published in regards to the water supply development project.  He stated that the proposals were reviewed by a committee of city staff including himself, Tom Kerr, Mindy Ward, Kathy Keane and Roger Banks.  This committee narrowed it down to two firms and, after interviews, came to the decision that Carollo was their recommendation to the Water Advisory Board.  Hutch Musallam, Brian Adams and Paul Walker from Carollo Engineering presented information on the firm’s experience and their plans for the project

The City of San Angelo and Water Chief Will Wilde made rain for Carollo.  That may be gnawing in Charlotte Farmer's craw, at least her role in approving such.

Update 7-28-13:  Farmer voted against the bid awarding construction for the new water treatment plant in the July 16 Council meeting.  She was one of two negative votes.  The Standard Times said Farmer will continue to raise her concern over the safety of putting the treatment plant in San Angelo.  What new information does Mrs. Farmer have that changed her mind on Carollo and the location of the water treatment plant? Given the stable properties of radium, i.e. it does not explode, I don't buy Farmer's West fertilizer plant explosion concern.

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