Friday, July 12, 2013

Councilman Wardlaw's Two Agenda Items

Two items San Angelo City Councilman Winkie Wardlaw submitted, but were removed from the regular agenda for July 2, made the July 16 agenda.  They are:

12.  Discussion and possible action concerning further employment of Carollo Engineers (Requested by Councilmember Wardlaw)
13. Discussion and possible action concerning the employment of a new water consultant for the Hickory Project and other water matters (Requested by Councilmember Wardlaw)
It will be interesting to hear Councilman Wardlaw's perspective and what other water consultants he has in mind.  Is former Water Chief Will Wilde circulating on the sidelines?

I didn't think Will Wilde would go away, not by a longshot.  It's not clear that this is his opportunity to reenter the scene, but with Wilde's irrigation water at risk for diversion for city use, now would be the time for Wilde to press for re-involvement.  We'll learn more on Tuesday about this issue. Until then, consider this speculation.

Pumping the South Pool did not make the agenda despite Council's desire that the topic arise 60 days after initiation of pumping.  It will be 90 days without the new Water Chief honoring Council's request.  That hardly sounds proactive.

Update 7-15-13:  The Standard Times reported "Councilwoman Charlotte Farmer requested a full breakdown of the finances in the Hickory Aquifer Water Supply Project. She was especially interested in the budgeted amounts and amounts spent on construction and engineering costs."  This will be the Water Chief's third crack at fulfilling Farmer's information need.  "The other discussion item came after Councilman H.R. 'Winkie' Wardlaw III expressed displeasure that it was not placed on the July 2 meeting, as requested. The item calls for discussion to employ a new water consultant for the Hickory project, but no additional background information was available." What happened to the reclaimed water engineer RFQ?

Update 7-21-13:  City Attorney Lysia Bowling advised Council speak about Carollo in Executive Session as that was a better place to maintain attorney-client privilege regarding a pending contract.   The discussion happened in public session (after the 3 hour mark).

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