Monday, May 06, 2013

One Less Chance for Immunizations Before Price Hike

San Angelo citizens will have one less opportunity for immunizations before prices increase June 1.  Here's the reason:

The San Angelo-Tom Green County Health Department’s weekly immunization clinic on Tuesday, May 14, will be postponed as local health department officials assist the Texas Department of State Health Services with tracing contacts of those suffering from communicable diseases. The next immunization clinics will be on Tuesday, May 7, and Tuesday, May 21.

Postponed?  As I didn't see a makeup date, I believe the word should be cancelled.  The reason involves tracking communicable diseases.  Is that Tuberculosis or Sexually Transmitted Diseases? 

Such tracking is a normal public health function.  Why should immunizations be displaced, especially with a nearly 50% price hike on the horizon? 

On June 1, the fee for eligible children will increase to $22.06 per child per visit. The new fee for eligible adults will be $22.06 per vaccination. 
Given immunizations prevent communicable diseases, how might restricted access and steep fee increases come back to harm our community?  Maybe in a few years, someone can ask Mayor New and the band of soon to be ex-Councilmembers. 

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