Tuesday, May 07, 2013

"Most Commented" Numbers Fall Precipitously

San Angelo's Standard Times new pay-wall has been in place for one week.  The surprise change decimated the paper's active online community. 

Comments are a fraction of prior levels.  Will Scripps bean counters run the numbers?  If eyeballs fell at the same rate as comments, advertisers might be concerned. 

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Jim Turner said...

Kind of sad but not unexpected. Comments are down mostly because of the pay wall. Another reason is lack of news worth posting on. Here it is, past early voting and only 4 days till the election and the Standard Times has not finished publishing their election endorsements. Coverage of the forums has been thin to non-existent. If the Mayor candidates weren't there, neither was the paper. News organizations have traditionally been among the best sources of information on elections and issues. Seems some might have forgotten that in the pursuit of money.