Thursday, August 16, 2012

ASU VP Penry Headed to Different ASU

Vice President for Development & Alumni relations for Angelo State University Jason Penry is leaving for Arkansas State University where Penry will serve as Chief of Staff to Chancellor Tim Hudson. Hudson served as Vice Chancellor for Texas Tech from June 2011 to May 2012, before being named Chancellor for Arkansas State. 

Penry served as ASU's alumni fundraising star.  Angelo State was recently named a top performer in fundraising.  Penry's leaving came as six endowed faculty chairs were terminated.  It's not clear if major donors stopped their commitments or if investment returns were unable to support faculty chairs as expected.  Either way it points to a chink in the development armor. 

There are other concerning developments of a financial nature at Angelo State.  Five employees of Residential Life lost their jobs due to a financial snafu.  Rumor has it nearly $1 million dollars got misplaced, with most it being spent by the temporary holder.  If this is true, another Vice President's job could be at risk.  Tenure isn't a word associated with Angelo State Vice Presidents. 


Anonymous said...

5 layoffs in housing and an article in the Standard Times about pay raises at that slap in the face to those 5 employees hurt!

Anonymous said...

As usual, the State of Division continues to uncover issues and ask hard questions that the Standard Times refuses to investigate. So much for unbiased journalism in San Angelo. Kudos to this blogger for trying to force some transparency upon a public institution that is funded by my taxpayer dollars.