Sunday, August 26, 2012

9th West Texas Legislative Summit to Solve Water Ills?

State and local leaders will gather Tuesday to talk about legislative issues important to West Texans.  Past versions of the West Texas Legislative Summit focused on a wide variety of issues.  The 9th West Texas Legislative Summit is all about water.

Surely, this group talked about water before, given our regular drought cycling.  Flash back eight years to find Twin Buttes Reservoir at 4% of capacity, where it sits today.

More ominous is the 2010 Summit which focused on education.  The 2011 Texas Legislature decimated education funding at all levels.

Looking at the 2010 pictures, I hate to  think what this crew can do with water.  Note that Angelo State University is no longer a Summit sponsor.  Was that due to budget cuts or a promoted University President generally disinterested in local issues?

 A report to the Legislature in dry 2004 had this to say on water supply:

Water flowing in Texas creeks, rivers, and bays is state water.  Its use may be acquired through appropriation via the permitting processes established in state law.
Other words in the 2004 report include "access to capital", "water regionalization" and "radionuclide."  It seems all three are in our future.

The West Texas Legislative Summit costs $120 to attend, given the early bird discount is long gone.  A dinner with Senator Robert Duncan and Representative Drew Darby is available the night before for $35 a head.

Citizens looking for a free update on water can attend an event Thursday evening.  It won't have the "see and be seen" appeal of the Legislative Summit, but it'll be about water just the same.

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