Saturday, March 17, 2012

Veterans Get Higher Health Insurance Premiums, Like COSA

Retired military veterans and City of San Angelo retirees have something in common.  They were promised free health insurance.  National and local leaders reneged on these pledges. 

The Standard Times reported:

Many military retirees are upset about President Obama’s proposal to raise fees for Tricare, the military health care insurance program.

They don’t think the proposal keeps the government’s promise to provide medical care for life in return for 20 years of service in the military.
Mayor Alvin New and City Council increased retiree dependent health insurance by 34 to 58% starting January 2011.  Although there has been slight premium relief in 2012, the City is applying federal ERRP funds, which are intended to help with health insurance increases, in a year when the city expects to save nearly $500,000 from an exclusive provider arrangement with San Angelo Community Medical Center. 

The City is purposefully utilizing ERRP funding, when prudence would have it set aside for the next draconian premium increase. 

A Standard Times commentator offered:

We WERE promised free healthcare. We've had to pay for it for some time already and now Obama wants to raise it even more because we don't pay what the private sector does?
City retirees know this feeling well.  For many its one of abandonment.

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