Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Development to Address Gun Club Walkers?

San Angelo City Council revisited runners and walkers use of Gun Club Road and Hillside Drive.  The Standard Times reported:

The council did not take any action on an item that Councilman Paul Alexander spearheaded calling for a committee of various people with interest in the safety and recreation in an area around Gun Club Hill near Lake Nasworthy, where people frequently jog and walk.

Council members Fredd Adams, Kendall Hirschfeld and Charlotte Farmer said they would prefer to have people who live in the area or elsewhere take their own initiative and not have the city address the issue, and Mayor Alvin New wanted to let development projects already in place for parks and recreation and Lake Nasworthy address the issue.

Adams discussed closing it off from walking, and Alexander said he didn't want to interfere that much in the name of not being "big government."

Alexander previously fought for putting in about a $234,000 trail that goes up on Gun Club Hill, but it didn't pass the council.
Mayor New's development strategy is concerning.  I lived in Lake Jackson, Texas when development closed a popular park frequented by runners and walkers.  The long loop went around Lake Jackson's Lake Jackson.

Which development projects will impact this issue?  What development is planned for the Gun Club/Hillside Drive section of Lake Nasworthy?  How might it impact current recreational use?  

I'll give a listen to the Council meeting on Channel 17.  It may answer my questions.  It often provides subtle indications.  Other times it shouts.

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