Saturday, February 04, 2012

Council to Entertain Gun Club Road Committee


This item was requested by Councilman Alexander for the discussion of the
formation of a committee composed of members from the City, the public and
special interest groups such as Hillside Drive walkers, Hillside Drive/Gun Club Road Residents, SAISD and San Angelo Road Lizards to study and make recommendations for improvements on and around Gun Club Hill, including Gun Club Road and Hillside Drive.


This item was initially requested by Councilman Paul Alexander and presented to the City Council during the work session at the regular meeting of the City Council on August 17, 2010. After discussion of options during the meeting the City Council gave staff direction to research and make recommendations for increased pedestrian signage around Gun Club Loop. Staff performed the appropriate research and presented options to the City Council on September 22, 2010. City Council approved signage was then erected around Gun Club Loop and remains in place to this day.

During the regular meeting of the City Council on January 17, 2012 Councilman Alexander and City Staff presented an option to construct a pedestrian pathway around the top of Gun Club Hill. The City Council voted 6-1 against pursuing construction of the proposed pathway.

Reviewed by Director:

Shawn Lewis, Director of Community and Economic Development, January 30, 2012

Since the January 17 Council meeting, city staff eliminated parking in the shoulder next to the KOA campground.   At the close of the meeting Mayor Alvin New said Gun Club walker/runner parking, dust and the KOA campground would be on the next council agenda.  The agenda showed only:

18.  Consideration and possible action of the possible formation of a temporary committee to study and recommend improvements to the pedestrian and vehicular right of ways on and around Gun Club Hill, including Gun Club Road and Hillside Drive (Presentation by City Engineer Clinton Bailey)

I hope local runners and walkers turn out to be heard this Tuesday.  I know how hard it is to set aside a morning or two-thirds of a day.

One local enthusiast and fitness writer for the Standard Times commented:

The city will probably spend tax dollars to put a pipe fence around the Gun Club parking area, thereby forcing people to park on the shoulder of Gun Club or Knickerbocker. That would mean more city revenues since the PD could then ticket people for illegal parking. I also suspect that the council’s decision is simply a stalling tactic until city staff can figure out how to charge a user fee for running or walking on Gun Club.
That is, if locals can continue to walk or run there.  I watched a favored walker/runner park be eliminated around the lake in Lake Jackson, Texas.  This has the same feel.

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