Friday, July 01, 2011


The City of San Angelo was approved for Early Retiree Reimbursement Program on August 31, 2010.  As of mid March 2011 many Texas cities received ERRP reimbursement.  San Angelo is yet to receive a penny due to the inability to properly prepare and submit claims.  City Council approved an agreement that has Blue Cross/Blue Shield doing the work.  Lisa Marley, Director of Human Resources and Risk Management reported:

The agreement was executed with BC/BS.

No claims have been filed to this date. Presently with BC/BS, members and dependents have the same ID number. ERRP requires individual ID numbers. BC/BS is developing a solution for the numbering system for dependents of members. 
There's a limited pot of ERRP money.  It's not clear how many quarterly filings COSA will get before the fund runs out.  How much ERRP funding will the City have by the time it makes health insurance decisions for 2012?  It remains to be seen.

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