Monday, October 18, 2010

Where's Wardo? NRCC's Chris Ward

Embezzler Christopher J. Ward served as Treasurer for over 80 political action committees (PACs), including the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC).  His embezzlement gig was up in January 2008.  Since Ward left the political circus, little has been seen or heard from the man .

Chris Ward saw the guts of the Republican political machine, at the height of power and arrogance.  Ward was so implicitly trusted, he could move millions of dollars at his discretion.

Cindy Hampton served as Ward's Assistant Treasurer at the Senate Majority Committee.  That's before she landed in Senator John Ensign's lap.  What else did Chris Ward see or hear as insider money man? 

When crisis hits, politicians circle the wagons.  Advisers spin a hero story out of the capture, while elected officials pose.  Together they make the perpetrator disappear from public view, especially when they have insider knowledge of more shenanigans.  Silence is bought, while further unrevealed sins are privately repented.

Oddly, a Chris Ward appeared in the United Arab Emirates in October 2008.  One might expect a Deloitte CEO to show work experience prior to that date, especially one with wizened gray hair.  It could be an odd coincidence around a relatively common name.  But in case they're one and the same, here's Deloitte's PAC donor history.

Mike Conaway (R-TX) -- $34,999  (2002-present)

Representative Mike Conaway (R-TX) cracked Ward's nefarious plan, which was greatly aided by a lack of internal controls and somnambulist Congressmen (serving on the NRCC Executive Committee). 

Senator John Ensign (R-NV) -- $15,000 (2000-present)

Chris Ward served as treasurer for Ensign's Battle Born PAC, until he was replaced by Cindy Hampton, who had an affair with Ensign.  Fellow adulterer and "C Street" housemate, Chip Pickering, received over $37,000 from Deloitte & Touche.

Whether Republicans or Democrats control Congress, think of the stories they can tell.  Their truth is often more outrageous than fiction.

Update:  Chris Ward was sentenced to 37 months in prison for stealing $844,718.  His sentence began in January 2011.  The NRCC settled with the Federal Election Commission for a mere $10,000 fine.

Update 8-22-11:  Ward worked under Tom Davis (R-VA) at the NRCC.  Davis is now Director of Federal Government Affairs at Deloitte, the employer of one Chris Ward.  Davis couldn't perform his basic fiduciary function as chair of the NRCC, yet he now teaches how to transform the way government works.  Amazing.

Update 12-10-11:  The NRCC's Chris Ward and Deloitte's are two different people. 

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