Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Orszag's "Political Economy" on Oil Spew Estimates

The White House Budget Office employed the "political economy of delayed information" on BP's oil spew.   Nola reported.

The commission said that in late April or early May the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration wanted to release some of the worst-case scenarios for the amount of oil spilling into the gulf.

But it said the White House Office of Management and Budget denied NOAA's request, according to NOAA staff interviewed by the commission.
It's not clear if the with hold was relative to the "M" in management or the "B" in budget.  It did meet the "O" in omission on page 10 of the report.

Peter Orszag's loyal soldiering should get him a cushier job post election.  Watch where he washes up.

Update 8-22-11:  Peter Orszag and Thad Allen share a board table at the Partnership for Public Service.   Orszag landed at Citi, while RAND hooked Thad.  Cover up and cash in, that seems to be the pattern.

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