Wednesday, September 01, 2010

BP Sponsors Southern Governors' Association

BP made Founder level status through its sponsorship of the Southern Governors' Association meeting. The SGA website states

Benefits of our Founder level include:

  • Participation in special private events with governors during the Annual Meeting and as otherwise scheduled by SGA, determined by governors’ schedule
  • Six (6) complimentary registrations to all SGA Annual and Business Meetings (except for those portions explicitly limited to governors only)
  • Six (6) invitations to a private reception with SGA’s governors at the Annual Meeting
  • A seat with at least one governor during the Annual Meeting State Dinner
  • Invitations to each of SGA’s quarterly breakfasts attended by
    the governors’ Staff Advisory Committee representatives
  • Invitations to periodic Washington, D.C.-based “coffee breaks” with governors, as determined by his/her schedule
  • Invitations to SGA-sponsored legislative briefings
  • Prominent recognition on SGA’s Web site, with a link to the CAP member’s Web site, as well as in all Annual Meeting materials, SGA’s annual report and other appropriate publications
  • Portfolio of SGA position papers
Oddly, incoming BP CEO told a different story than his company's internal investigation into the Deepwater Horizon accident. Did he tell the truth to the Governors? What did he tell the governors about the South's energy future?

The governors did come through for BP. In an upcoming meeting with the White House, the SGA wants to know the administration's plans for lifting a moratorium on new deepwater drilling.

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