Sunday, September 26, 2010

BP Funded Non-Oil Tour

Six travel writers are on Navarre Beach, Florida courtesy of BP money.  This weekend Navarre Beach hosted a sand sculpting competition.  PNJ reported:

The writers arrived Friday and are scheduled to leave today. They visited the new Navarre Fishing Pier, the Gulf Breeze Zoo, Hidden Creek Golf Club in Navarre, Adventures Unlimited north of Milton and the Rufus Hayes Training Stables ranch in Milton.
Here's one assessment:

"What the national media has been saying is totally untrue, for the most part, and blown totally out of proportion," Ron Stern of said. "What they're going to get from me is the truth. You can come down here, and you're not going to get oil on your feet or tar balls on your shoes. ... I haven't seen anything in the sand other than sand, and I've been swimming in the water."
National media?  The people reporting on the spill's effects are local media.  Ron might want to check those stories out, given they're finding oil in the sand and clear looking water. 

Here's another from Apryl Thomas, a freelance writer:

"I knew the spill was kind of blown up. I had done many articles when this happened. The way it was first covered in the national media, you honestly thought, 'It's gone,' but once I did a little research and calling, I felt like it is important to let people know everything is good to go."
Kate Wilkes, Executive Director of the Santa Rosa County Tourist Development Council, said the trip is paid for by BP and is intended to combat the misconceptions created by the spill.  However, she said she doesn't think oil will be a big part of the tour.  I bet not.

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