Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kay Bailey Rails Against Government Run Health Care at Shannon

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison is opposed to "government run health care." She visited Shannon Medical Center and spoke to dozens of people at a press conference. Does she know Shannon's payor mix? Fitch cited Shannon Medical Center's "unfavorable payor mix" in a December 2008 report. That means high Medicare, Medicaid and uninsureds. The first two are government run health care, while the latter is the target of health reform.

What politician shows up at a business wanting to eliminate their main payment source, while ignoring the largest burden? Kay Bailey did at Shannon. She joins Rep. Mike Conaway and Judge Mike Brown in dancing away from the Concho Valley's embarrassing number of uninsureds.

But our elected officials are not alone. The Standard Times continues their health reform no show. If they had a reporter attend on Sunday, they are yet to produce a piece.

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