Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Answering President Obama

President Barack Obama asked how many more workers have to lose health insurance? Democratic projections indicate huge numbers. That's the difference between the latest Census data and Center for American Progress (CAP) projections on employer sponsored coverage.

Census 2008-176.3 million had workplace provided health insurance

CAP projects 122 million with employer coverage

176.3 million
122 million
54.3 million losing employer paid coverage
President Obama, there's your answer.

Update 9-27-09: ex-President Bill Clinton spoke with David Gregory on Meet the Putz. Clinton noted the CEO of a large company told him health reform was needed badly. If employers can dump the pesky health insurance benefit, Clinton implied worker raises are possible. Bill also noted corporate profits were up during a time of low to no wage increases. Why won't employers pocket any gains from transferring responsibility to individuals or the government? Past behavior says they'll do that very thing. It makes Clinton look like a corporate shill, but that's nothing new.

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