Sunday, April 26, 2009

U.S. Declares Public Health Emergency for Swine Flu, Perry Cancels Secession for Flu Meds

Government leaders compare the flu state of emergency to a hurricane warning. The pandemic flu storm formed late in the season. It began in Mexico and spread quickly to other parts of the world.

How many U.S. Presidents fly into the eye of a tropical storm while it strengthens offshore? The outbreak bloomed while President Obama visited Mexico City. The U.S. President met with a noted anthropologist, Felipe Solis. Mr. Solis died of flu like symptoms the day after giving Barack Obama a tour of his museum.

American authorities appeared a day late and a dollar short. The U.S. finally caught up with the World Health Organization by issuing a warning. U.S. public health will be tested, as will our "have/have not" health care system.

President Bush's pandemic flu plan called for federal and state stockpiles of flu shots and anti-virals. Which states set aside flu medications? Texas Governor recanted his call for secession, asking the federales for over 37,000 doses of Tamiflu. Did Rick spend any Texas dollars on a state stockpile or did he veto that bill in his shotgun blast last session?

How will Perry's government distribute medications? Texas dropped primary care as an essential public health service ten years ago. Illegal immigrants, many from Mexico, have limited access to health care. Are ghost citizens at greater risk for disease and invisible to state authorities?

America will learn from this situation. The specific lessons remain to be seen.

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