Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Follow Up Letter to Obama May Land Guantanamo Attorneys in Jail

Two British attorneys wrote President Obama regarding concerns their client was tortured in U.S. custody at Guantanamo Bay. Not only did their letter get blacked out, but by submitting the redacted memo to President Obama, the lawyers face charges. The Guardian reported:

The privilege team argue that by releasing the redacted memo Reprieve has breached the rules that govern Guantánamo lawyers and have made a complaint to the court of "unprofessional conduct".

The President likely didn't get the first blacked out memo. What staffer would deliver a memo with only a subject line? Did the second one get the President's attention? It had no additional information, just a comment on the redacting process. Did President Obama gain a need to know as a result? Doubtful, especially if the Pentagon had a say in it.

While Karl Rove wanders free, two British lawyers will come to America to defend sending a blacked out memo to the President. They face possible contempt of court and a six month jail sentence.

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