Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bush Finally Unites in Offer of Telecom Immunity

After eight years of promising to be "a uniter, not a divider", President George W. Bush succeeded in getting Republicans and Democrats to unite around telecom immunity. Of course, the President was ably aided by telecom lobbyists and PAC donations.

The group of flaccid, jellyfish, spineless legislators flopped around in search of a technical element that maintains the appearance of separation of powers. The end result of the law is the further anchoring of the unitary Presidency, when the Chief Executive acts as legislator, executive and judiciary, all rolled up into one.

Get this. For the program to be legal, all a President has to do is produce an order and say it's legal. House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, cited the bill's importance in maintaining democracy, or at least the appearance of it. Sorry Nancy, you're officially now the Court Jester.

This serf is sick and tired of separate rules for the landed gentry. I'm sore from being roughly ridden by this incompetent, heavy handed White House. The good news is the little people get to vote come November. My mantra is "Every incumbent out... EIO, EIO".

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