Friday, May 30, 2008

Scotty McClellan TurnCoat Closet Announced in Bush Library

The George W. Bush Presidential Library at Southern Methodist University announced a startling design change. The large multimedia room slated for Press Secretary Scott McClellan has been abruptly downsized to a coat closet. In addition to sharply partisan, razor metal hooks lining the closet walls, it will house the "all hat, but no cattle rack", especially made from the nose wood grown by Scotty while he served the puppeteer Georgepetto.

The McClellan Turncoat Closet will also house the shoe shine stand Scott used to faithfully polish his master's genuine Ostrich skin FootJoy golf shoes. Bush wore those shoes religiously until shortly after Scott retired from public service. In a special reprise, McClellan brushed the left shoe up before George W. recently banged it on the floor of the Knesset while railing against "Nazi appeasers."

President Bush proudly displayed the computer mock up of the redesigned McClellan room. He said, "Should Scott ever need to spend the night there, I want him to be comfortable. It looks spartan, but there's room to lie down. You never know when that book royalty money will run out! This is in honor of Scott's fine service."

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