Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bush Must Be Quarantined!

To prevent a widespread outbreak of Hitleritis amongst the many dignitaries and influential business leaders celebrating Israel's 60th Anniversary, President George W. Bush must be quarantined immediately. His speech to the Israeli parliament, the Knesset, contained a pronounced symptom of a most deadly condition, Hitleritis. The disease ravaged Washington, D.C. the summer of 2005. People infected are known to become feverish, make inane comparisons to Adolf Hitler, or invoke the Nazi menace in some current day situation.

George W. Bush compared any American diplomatic efforts with Iran as Hitler appeasement. The hyper competitive, heavy handed, frequently tongue tied leader invoked the Hitler comparison domestically, setting a rhetorical trap for Democratic Presidential front runner, Barack Obama. He didn't lay it for Hillary as she already threatened to obliterate Iran.

Barack can't win in this situation. They paint Obama as arrogant for making the comment about him. If he does not respond to this obvious dig, Barack's a wimp. Meanwhile, George W. gets off Scott free for making the analogy when he clearly deserves to be quarantined.

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